The Cool Reefer unit is the environmentally friendly power for all of our Cool Display units. Easy to use with “plug and play” functionality, the Cool Reefer keeps your chilled brand perfectly cooled in any unit.

Developed and manufactured in Europe the Cool Reefer is considered the top refrigerated power unit available on the market.

Each one of our Cool Display units fits over top of the Cool Reefer maximizing chilled brand and retail promotions over time – just change the top for different promotions and refresh the designs for impact.


  • Environmentally friendly power on R290 gas
  • Made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • Integrated transformer & LED light connections
  • Easy Tip and Drain feature
  • Optimal chilled temperature spread (between 1 and 6 degrees C)
  • Maintenance Free Coil
  • Double fan air flow feature


Overall Dims: 17” x 17” x 20.5” / 44.5 x 44.5 x 52.7cm
Weight: 55lbs / 25Kg (approx.)
Technical Data: 2.3 A • 115 V • 60Hz.
Energy Usage*: 8.5 kWh / day
Refrigerant: Climate-friendly R290
Temp: 1°C – 5°C / 33.8°F – 41°F
Top: Polypropylene Casing with LED-outlet
Wheels: 4 (2 with brakes)
Base: Midnight grey
Ambient: Max 22°C – 72°F / 60% Hum.

*(Measured under ISO 23953 “refrigerated display cabinets” standard (22°C / 60% H)