You need a smaller cooler? One that not simply chills your product but also promotes it through customized brand creative? We’ve got you covered with our Cool Cube! Small but mighty powerful with fully changeable graphics so that you can easily use it for multiple promotions. The glass windows make it easy to see the chilled products inside.

Plus, the parts of the Cool Cube are modular and interchangeable depending on your promotional needs. Our team can help you to design this refrigerated unit that is completely unique and useful for your business goals.



  • Can be used for multiple promotions – just change the graphic panels!
  • No doors for easy access to products
  • Customizable graphics around the whole unit that can be refreshed many times for more promotions (and sales!)
  • Small and portable for quick set up and moving in-store
  • Sturdy and functional design that can be used longer-term


The Cool Cube is great for: smaller stores like convenience and pop-up stores that need big brand impact in a smaller, easy to use chilled display unit.


  • Height: 20” / 50.8cm
  • Width: 17 3/4” / 45cm
  • Depth: 17 3/4” / 45cm Weight: 20.5lbs / 9.7Kg (approx.)
  • Metal / Glass / Plastic
  • Permanent
  • Preset digital electronic temperature control
  • Automatic water evaporation
  • Two vertical LED lights