Companion Rack

The ultimate for co-promotion of both chilled and non-chilled brands, the Companion Rack offers the best in versatility. Designed to be customized many times, the permanent display unit drives creative ideas right into the paths of shoppers.

If you have an existing Classic 65 and/or Cool Refer, the Companion Rack provides a cost-effective option to extend their usage and get more sales promotions back on the floor, in front of customers.

The opportunities are endless with the shelf space on the double unit and the ability to customize all graphics and images.  

COOL Companion Rack
COOL Companion Rack


  • Holds BOTH chilled and non-chilled products
  • Create interesting promotions to help amplify store sales
  • Permanent unit that can be repeatedly customized for different promotions and sales
  • Makes choices convenient for shoppers
  • Cost-effective graphic changes for all promotions


  • Height: 80” / 203cm Width: 17.5” / 44.5cm Depth: 17”
  • 44cm Shelves: 16” x 11” x 1.5” / 41cm x 28cm x 3.5cm each shelf holds 50lbs / 22.5Kg
  • x5 Shelfstrip Clips: 15” x 2” x.5” / 38.1cm x 5.08cm x 1.27cm x5
  • Weight: 50lbs / 22.6Kg (approx.)
  • Material: High quality metal Content: 160L (approx.)
  • Life Cycle: Permanent